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What is not living up to your potential costing you?

What you’re meant for is out there, it only takes a willingness to find it. 

What if you could end the struggle of trying to figure out what it is you’re supposed to do with your life?

You'd have a sense of purpose ... and feel excited—you’d be the hero of your own life. 

Because not feeling like you’re living up to your potential really sucks. And that’s not what you wanted for your life. 

Regardless of what you went to school for or how far along you are in your career, it’s never too late to become who you’re meant to be. It’s never too late and you’re never too old. 

I made a life change at 40. At the peak of my career, but it didn't matter. Because not finding my purpose was not an option. 

So, let’s do this thing together. 

Career Intensive

A 8-WEEK, 1-ON-1 find your calling, get your life on track, and finally be who you’re meant to be program. 

So you can step into your power and create the kind of life that inspires you. A life that brings you joy. A life that lights you up. The life you deserve. 

How does it work?

My process for the Career Intensive Experience


01. First, we'll data-mine: you'll brain dump all the nitty gritty about your past jobs and career decisions. What has worked, what hasn't. Where you’ve been in your power, where you lost power. All the bumps and bruises along the way. We need to get really clear on what it is you want to remove from your life so we can make space for all the good stuff coming your way.  


02. Then, we get busy, uncovering what you really love. What are your natural skills and talents? Where do you shine most in your life? We’ll do some personality assessments to find what's hanging out just waiting to be discovered. We’ll get rid of all those beliefs about what you think you're “supposed to do” with your life and we’ll get clear on what “you want to do” with your life. 


03. Now we package all your skills & talents. We find the right career path for you. We’ll get your resume up to date to reflect the new you. Find mentors and connections in the industry you want to pursue. We'll shape your story so you can brand yourself for the future you want to create. You’ll be set up for success so you can make the seamless transition from the life you have to the life you want. 



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So….what's the investment?

Well, you could certainly keep at it, playing small in your life wondering why you feel stuck all the time and just waiting for your life to finally take off. You can keep wishing for a better more fulfilled life and stay in jealous mode because other people have exactly what you want. 

Or ...

You could decide you’re ready to create the kind of life you want. You can decide you’re worth the investment and you’re worth the effort. 

The Career Intensive Package Starts at $6500

  • Ten 60 Minute Coaching Sessions
  • 3R ~Rethink, Redefine & Reinvent Process™
  • Comprehensive Personality Assessments
  • Done For You Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn
  • Networking Strategies To Connect You To The Right People
  • Mentorship
  • A Shiny New, Better Version Of You

I only accept 6 clients a year to this program so i can offer the best service possible. There are 2 spots left for 2018. 

Yes, you get me. I want to apply.

Nope. Not for me. Take me to the membership site. 

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Create a resume that gets noticed!