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Personalized Coaching

3R Coach specializes in a variety of career coaching. You may choose an individual session or purchase a coaching package specifically designed for your career goals. 

Career/Clarity Coaching...

The Problem

  • You're not sure the direction your career is headed. 
  • Your career lacks purpose. 
  • You feel like your career is stalled.
  • You feel stuck and just don't know what you want to do.
  • You can't seem to find the right job. 
  • Your job makes you miserable. 
  • You have career gaps and don't know how to get back in the workforce. 

Don't worry, this is normal. Most everyone will feel this way at some point in their career.

The Coaching Solution

Clarity coaching can help with discovering your natural skills and talents and how those natural abilities help you define your purpose. Think about what functions you've enjoyed most in past or current jobs. What has always come natural to you? That's a good place to start. We will explore how to bring more of what you enjoy in your life and remove what is holding you back. 

Interview Coaching...

The Problem

  • You just don't think you're good at interviewing.
  • You've had lots of interviews, but never seem to land the job.
  • You stumble on behavioral questions. 
  • You get the first interview, but never the next interview. 
  • You don't like to "brag" about yourself, you don't know how to say what you do best. 

The Coaching Solution

Interview coaching will help you craft a compelling story about your career. Coaching you on how to engage an interviewer and convey your best skills and talents. It's not just about what you know and your technical skills, it's also about your soft skills and how those make you stand out. Your resume will list all your technical and tangible experience, but learning how to convey your soft skills will help you land the job. Interview coaching will also help you in knowing the best questions to ask potential employers and understand how to navigate through all those tricky "gotcha" questions.

Elevator Pitch Coaching...

The Problem

  • You don't even know what an elevator pitch is.
  • When an interviewer asks you to tell them about yourself, you recite your resume.
  • Sometimes you feel like you either share too much information or not enough. 
  • Sometimes you ramble and feel like you don't answer questions well about who you are. 

The Coaching Solution

An elevator pitch is a 60 second concise statement letting an interviewer know who you are and what you can achieve. Most people get a little stuck when they get asked the typical "Tell me about yourself" question. The last thing you want to do is tell them what's already on your resume or not have an answer that really conveys who you are. 3R Coach will help you polish a pitch that's powerful, poised, and to the point in 60 seconds. 

Leveraging LinkedIn & Personal Branding...

The Problem

  • You're not on LinkedIn.
  • Your LinkedIn profile is a copy/paste of your resume.
  • You're not using LinkedIn to it's full advantage. 
  • You don't know all the LinkedIn tips & tricks. 
  • You don't have all your social media profiles "job search ready."
  • You don't think of yourself as a "brand".

The Coaching Solution

You are a brand. The way you are perceived, how you present yourself, and what social media has to say about you is all part of your individual brand. Making your personal brand powerful is the best way to convey success  by "self-packaging" and creating an image that's positive and controls the message. Personal Branding coaching starts with the image you want to convey. We'll work on your social media profiles, google resume, and craft a powerful LinkedIn profile that conveys who you are, what you want to achieve, and how to best connect with key decision makers. 

Networking Coaching & Strategies...

The Problem

  • You don't network.
  • You hate networking.
  • You've been in the same job forever and don't know anyone outside your industry.
  • You've been out of work and out of touch with the workforce. 
  • You're an introvert.

The Coaching Solution

Most everyone hates networking, but if you focus on making the right connections and effectively presenting yourself, networking can be a game changer. Learn how to build connections and relationships that will help you advance in your career. Networking coaching will help you utilize LinkedIn to its full advantage, connect with key stakeholders, and uncover new ideas and ways to get your name out there and your resume in the right hands. It's not what you know, but who you know!

Salary Negotiation...

The problem

  • You feel like you're underpaid. 
  • You get nervous if you think about negotiating. 
  • You're just grateful to get a job offer, so you take the first offer. 
  • You're afraid if you ask for more money, you won't get the job. 
  • You don'y know how to negotiate. 

The Coaching Solution

Whether you want a raise or you're negotiating a new salary, you should feel confident in asking for what you deserve. Most job candidates never negotiate salary when they receive an offer, yet most companies expect to negotiate. Don't lose out on a chance to make more money. Working with 3R Coach can help you with an uncomfortable conversation about money and a savvy approach to request the salary commensurate to your experience.  

Resume Writing...

The Problem

  • Your resume still has an objective statement.
  • Your resume is a copy/paste of job descriptions.
  • You're resume is boring. 
  • Your resume doesn't make the most of your best. 

The Coaching Solution

Most people make the mistake of oversharing on their resume. Your resume is a marketing document. It should market you in a positive and impactful way to make potential employers want to learn more. 3R Coach can help you create a dynamic resume and cover letter. Resume writing services include consultation, a creative or traditional resume, and tailored cover letter. 



The Rethink Package ~ Rethink your image

$475 ($75 Savings) payment plan option ~ 2 monthly payments of $237.50

  • Resume 
  • Cover Letter
  • Elevator Pitch 
  • LinkedIn Profile & Personal Branding

The Redefine Package ~ Redefine your approach

$675 ($125 Savings) payment plan option ~ 3 monthly payments of $225

  • Resume 
  • Cover Letter
  • Elevator Pitch 
  • LinkedIn Profile & Personal Branding
  • Clarity Coaching
  • Networking Coaching & Strategies 

The Reinvent Package ~ Reinvent your career

$975 ($275 Savings) payment plan option ~ 4 monthly payments of $243.75

  • Resume 
  • Cover Letter
  • Elevator Pitch 
  • LinkedIn Profile & Personal Branding
  • Clarity Coaching
  • Networking Coaching & Strategies 
  • Interview Coaching
  • Salary Negotiation 

A La Carte Pricing

  • Resume Writing starts at $175 for Entry/Mid-Level and $195 for Executive/C-Suite
  • All Other Career Coaching Services Start At $175 per 60 Minute Session 

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