Job Search Resources

Searching for a job can be overwhelming & frustrating. Below I've provided you with valuable resources to help you during each stage of your job search journey. Each section is organized by topic. The purpose of this section is to provide you with everything you need to stand out as a candidate, prepare you for interviewing, and share helpful tips to network and use LinkedIn to its full advantage. Enjoy! 


Below are resources to assist you with writing your resume. As you begin to craft your resume, you'll want to use power words throughout your resume, have a strong summary statement, and bullet points that are concise, yet impactful.

I'm also sharing with you great tips including how to use LinkedIn & Microsoft Word to create your resume and how to outsmart the Applicant Tracking System.

275 Power Words For Your Resume

Strong Bullet Point Examples For Your Resume

Compare your resume with a job description to help pass the applicant tracking system

How to use Microsoft Word with LinkedIn to create your resume

Summary Statement Examples - ditch the objective statement

Create a Digital Resume using blockchain technology. This is an innovative approach to creating a resume. You can create a digitally verifiable resume. It's a great way to impress employers, especially in tech fields. 


If you don't have an elevator pitch or don't know what one is, no worries, we can fix it! Make sure you watch the Elevator Pitch Course as it goes into detail on perfecting your pitch. You can use the Elevator Pitch worksheet as you begin to craft your pitch. I've also given you some examples of great pitches. Once you finish your pitch, share in the #slack channel so we can all give you feedback!

Three Elevator Pitch Examples 

Polishing Your Elevator Pitch Worksheet


LinkedIn is one of the best ways to up-level your career search. The first thing you need to do is make sure your profile is powerful. After you've perfected your profile you can begin to network & get active on LinkedIn. Use the Common Job Functions list to help you search for careers that may interest you based on your key skills (I describe this in more detail in the Leveraging LinkedIn online course). Also included in the below links is a Personal Marketing Plan. This will help you with clarity, defining what is most important to you in a career, and what you have to offer as a candiate. Make sure to connect with me on LinkedIn once your profile is complete and I'll give it a quick peek to make sure it pops!

Make The Most Of Your LinkedIn Summary & Experience Section

4 Quick Tips To Make Your Profile Pop

LinkedIn Common Job Functions To Use In Search

LinkedIn Job Search Checklist

Personal Marketing Plan For Clarity

Tip Sheet For Networking On Linked


Networking is the best way to design the career you want. It's all about WHO you know! Below I've included a networking tracking sheet to help you organize your networking efforts. I'm also sharing some email templates for you to use as you begin reaching out to potential employers or key decision makers. You absolutely HAVE to network if you want to land your dream job. So don't be afraid to network....get busy and make it happen.

Networking Email Examples

Networking Tracking Sheet

Networking Resources


Interviewing can be tricky. Employers these days are more concerned with how you will fit in with the culture of the company and how you will handle yourself in the workplace more than your ability to do the job. Employers want to make sure they are finding the "right fit" for their company. The best way to determine that "right fit" is through behavioral questions. Below you have information about mastering all those tricky behavioral questions in the Interview Tips form. I've also included some great buzz words to use, how to make a great impression, and how to communicate with different generations. You need to know all these tricks before you interview. 

Interview Buzz Words & Best Skills To Convey

Interview Tips On Answering Behavioral Questions

Interview Tricks To Make A Good Impression

20 Powerful Questions To Ask In Your Next Interview

Thank You Email Templates To Send After Your Interview

Understanding Generational Differences & How To Communicate


Having a conversation about money can be uncomfortable. What's more uncomfortable is living with a salary you're not satisfied with. If you want to make more money, you need to ask. Below are tools to help you with that conversation. Use the Compensation Calculator to determine your total package salary as a general starting point for a base salary. The Benefit Ranking Form is for you to determine what is most important to you other than money. And lastly, use the Negotiation Conversation Script to PRACTICE. When you negotiate your salary do so with confidence. The best way to be confident is through practice!

Benefit Ranking Form

Total Compensation Calculator

Salary Negotiation Conversation Script