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Current Online Programs

Rethink Your Business To

Reinvent Your Income

It's time to expand your mindset around how you do business. If you're a business, life or wellness coach and only relying on 1:1 coaching to make money, you're missing out! Your coaching business should offer several service offerings to bring in multiple sources of revenue. Check out my 60 minute coaching video on how to expand your offerings today! 

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Here's What You'll Learn: 

*How to offer several sources of revenue and not just rely on 1:1 coaching

*How to not limit yourself and act on what’s possible

*How to create passive income streams and make money while you sleep 

*How to expand your platform with new ways to get your message out into the world

*The resources I use and the most user friendly platforms

How To Create An Email Campaign

Do you want to build an email campaign, but don't know where or how to start? That's how I felt when I first started my business. I had never heard of things like Lead Magnet, Opt In, Tripwire, Drip Campaign...what the heck did all these things mean?!?! We'll I figured it out through hours of teaching myself and watching tons of videos! So now, I'm sharing with you all I learned in a simplified way. I use MailChimp (because it's free) to set up email campaigns and Squarespace (because it's easy) as my website. Don't worry if you don't use Squarespace. You can create all you need using MailChimp. 

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Here's What You'll Learn:


*How to create & build an opt in 

*How to connect your account to automate a series of emails 

*How to develop a landing page with a tripwire to convert visitors to clients

*Designing your signup forms on MailChimp

*How to create an automated email funnel that "drips" content to subscribers

*Creating a call to action that converts emails into sales