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Being a great leader is much harder than it looks. I know, I've led 100's of employees throughout my career. 


The crazy thing about leadership is that nobody ever sits you down and teaches you what being a real leader is all about. You don't take classes in school that really help you understand and define leadership. At best, you've probably had those dreaded role-play exercises with ridiculous scenarios, supposedly teaching you how to act in real life leadership situations. We both know if you've ever role-played, it's a complete waste of time.

In reality, a good leader is REALLY hard to find.

To be a great leader you need to be super perceptive, empathetic, flexible, creative, a great listener, and a tireless supporter. And that really only just scratches the surface. Being a great leader means you have to identify and cultivate the superpowers of the people that work for you. Most of those leadership skills are never taught, we're forced to learn by trial & error. 

So, let's dig deep and figure out how to make you the type of leader that people want to follow. 

Maybe these are some of your frustrations:

  • You’ve been overlooked for promotions
  • You've had high turnover with your team
  • Your employees don’t like or respect you
  • You’ve been told you can be too direct in your communication style 
  • You are more comfortable just doing things yourself than delegating 
  • You find that being a leader is intimidating 
  • You think if something needs to be done right, I'm the one to do it
  • You work harder and not smarter (you do the work of multiple people)

Here's where I come in to save the day (and possibly your job)

  • Understanding your own leadership style and how you can learn to be a leader people want to follow
  • Knowing what your current EQ (emotional intelligence) is and how and how that relates to being an empathetic leader
  • Learn effective coaching styles to get the most out of any personality type (even the difficult ones)
  • Gain confidence in your leadership and ability to handle any situation
  • Decentralize your management style and empower others to make good decisions
  • Be a leader among your colleagues and co-workers
  • Learn how to manage up effectively (you need to lead your boss too) 
  • Learn how to lead meetings like a pro and command the attention in any room

If you're ready to be more impactful and effective in your leadership style, let's work together. 

Get started with a 60 or 90-minute session. Let's discuss where you're at now, what your goals are and how I can help you develop a plan for success. 

Have questions? Get in touch. 

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