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Types of Coaching Services

3R Coaching offers a variety of Coaching options to guide you in ReThinking, ReDefining & ReInventing your life. 

Career Coaching
Executive Coaching
Entrepreneur Coaching
Personal Life Coaching
Developing Positive Habits
Stress Management Coaching
Emotion Management Coaching

Career Coaching: Career coaches work with groups and/or individuals to match them to potential careers that would lead to overall enhanced life satisfaction and fulfillment. Career coaches generally pay special attention to a client’s natural skills and interests as well as their passions. They can help clients develop an overall purpose statement that provides direction in future careers and endeavors. Mostly, they match their client’s purpose to a fulfilling career leading to overall life satisfaction and increased clarity on life direction.

Business Coaching: Business coaches focus on helping entrepreneurs develop the mindset necessary to be successful in business as well as helping them get clear on their brand, their mission, the audience they serve, and the overall vision they have for their business. Some business coaches specialize in specific business aspects such as marketing, copywriting, networking, retreats, workshops/seminars, product development, operating systems, etc.

Executive Coaching: Executive coaches work with company execs to increase their productivity, leadership/management skills, ability to delegate, strategic planning, decision-making skills, etc. Some executive coaches could work on specific skills such as running a productive meeting, commanding attention while public speaking, communicating authoritatively, and developing more charismatic qualities to effectively lead a company.

Entrepreneur Coaching is meant for the person who is committed to creating a thriving, successful business. We focus on where your business is currently; evaluate what’s working and what’s not; determine goals; and create an action plan. The partnership tends to be a coaching/consulting hybrid, meaning that I use a coach approach to helping you build your business, while incorporating my experiences and resources when they are in service to your goals. My clients tend to be service-based businesses, and often focus on the educational, creative or personal growth fields.

Personal Life Coaching: Personal life coaches tend to take on a more holistic perspective. They work with clients on their self-relationship as well as how they interact with others, their career, their spirituality, their priorities, creating more work/life balance, productivity, motivation, habits, and patterns. They can focus on one specific area or all of the above.

Developing Good Habits Coaching: We humans are creatures of habit, therefore developing good habits should be simple - right! Well, not always.The problem is that we get very comfortable doing things the same way each and every day. We often absentmindedly stick to a daily routine without considering the consequence or effectiveness of it. Why change?Unfortunately, not all of our habits are healthy, or good. If we are in the habit of coming home after work each day and reaching for an alcoholic drink to relax instead of getting on the treadmill to let off steam, it will adversely affect our health.

Stress Management Coaching: If you feel stressed out by modern life, you're not alone. Stress has major health consequences and diminishes our ability to enjoy life. Coaching is ideally suited to helping you cope with stress. Coaching strategies and tips will help you: Learn proven relaxation techniques. Adopt healthy ways to cope with stress. Maintain boundaries and learn to say no. Stop being a perfectionist. Turn down your stress levels. Take control of the stress in your life and how you cope with it so you can achieve tranquility and fulfillment.

Emotion management is the ability to be aware of and constructively handle both positive and challenging emotions. ... By helping youth learn the skills to manage their emotions, youth learn to process a range of feelings, while also learning self-advocacy skills that will help them in school, work, and life.

Does Life Coaching Really Work?

A Life Coach is a professional who helps you reach a goal or make a change in your life. A Life Coach helps you move forward by focusing on where you are now and what you can achieve. 

Survey results of clients that have used a Life Coach

99% of clients who have hired a coach are satisfied
96% of clients would hire a coach again
80% Improved self-confidence
73% Improved their relationships
72% Improved their communication skills
70% Improved work performance
67% Improved their work-life balance
61% Improved their business management
57% Improved time management
Top Reasons People Seek A Life Coach

64% Achieve personal goals and be successful
51% to find happiness
48% To find life purpose
43% To decide on or change a carrer
39% To be more confident
Benefits of Using a Life Coach

Increased confidence & Self-Esteem
Better personal relationships
Improved Communication skills
Stronger interpersonal skills
Enhanced work performance
The Effectiveness of Life Coaching on Overall Life Satisfaction

Improve your overall life satisfaction
Set effective and measurable goals
Achieve your goals and develop personally
Take action to create real change
Find new ways to solve problems
Important Reasons Why You Need A Life Coach

Become More Accountable
Save time and get results faster
Less stress and frustration
New ideas to solve problems
Insight into yourself
Increased confidence





Appointments can be one time only or reoccurring weekly, monthly or bi-monthly.