Group Coaching Program

Learn how to master your message, design your brand and develop revenue streams, so you can run a meaningful and profitable business.


Introducing The Business Genesis Group Coaching Program 

If you're starting a business from scratch or your current business needs a makeover, I can help you create a message that conveys in a clear way who you help and why. We can start to develop your brand and structure your business to attract your ideal client and offer multiple levels of service & revenue streams. 

Who’s This Program For?

  • The newbie entrepreneur or the entrepreneur that seems to be getting nowhere fast

  • A service based business owner that wants to offer multiple revenue streams

  • A motivated business owner that wants all the tools and know how to create and run their business efficiently

  • An entrepreneur that wants to make money 24 hours a day by creating online courses, e-learning modules, webinars or membership sites

  • A business owner interested in automating their services through an email marketing and sales funnel campaigns

Here’s a quick overview of what to expect with the group coaching program.

Module 1
Defining Your Brand

Who are you and who do you serve?
Define your brand to convey who you are and create a clear, concise, and consistent message. Learn how to identify and target your ideal client from the start. 

Module 2
Set To Scale

How to turn your ideas into revenue and start monetizing your skills by developing a business structure to include both online and offline platforms to maximize your earning potential. 
Learn how to scale your business from the start. 

Module 3
Service Development

Developing your services including pricing, creating taglines, & writing copy. How to structure your business to create a wide range of services offerings and how to sell each one.  

Module 4 & 5
Email Marketing

Learn everything from email capture, landing pages, tripwires, funnels to drip campaigns. This course will use mailchimp as an example to set up your first email campaign. 

Module 6 & 7
Introduction to course development

How to host & record  webinars to sell for profit on your site. Developing e-learning or e-coaching programs and which platforms to use. How to create other revenue streams including digital downloads and membership sites. 

You can continue to google “how do I….” or you can just sign up for my group coaching program. 

Don't make the mistake I did. I spent countless hours watching youtube videos, googling how to do all these things with 5,000 results popping up and feeling constantly overwhelmed. 

I’m teaching you everything I know so I can help you build your business. Everything you need to get started is all wrapped up in a pretty bow with this program. 

So if you’re ready to do this thing, let’s do it together.

Details about the program

  • Business Genesis is a 7 week program

  • Each module is presented by me and will last 60 - 90 minutes

  • Live calls will be every Tuesday at 7pm CST.

  • Modules will be hosted and recorded on Zoom

  • If you ever have to miss a week a recorded link will be sent to you

  • This is very hands on and you will learn as you go

  • The 7 week program is limited to a very small group so each participant can have specialized attention

  • This program is only offered 3x a year

  • Next program starts in October of 2018

  • Investment $1,575 paid in full or $530 for 3 monthly payments

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