Professional Development Coaching

It's time to rethink your professional development, redefine how you lead and reinvent your career. Let's level up your creativity, develop your leadership skills, enhance your self-awareness, and build your confidence.

It's Time To Be The Best Version Of You!

 Ren Burgett | Certified Business Coach 

Ren Burgett | Certified Business Coach 

The YOU that achieves goals.

The YOU that get's promoted.

The YOU that excels in your career.

The YOU that inspires.

The best version of YOU possible.

All you need is just need a little guidance, some super effective coaching, and a really good plan to get you there. 

Let's rethink, redefine & reinvent together.

Professional Development Programs

You have a career that you love (or semi-love) and you're ready to up-level. Let’s talk about how we can start making things happen in your career. How you can crush your career goals, get that promotion you've been working hard for and finally move into the corner office. And most importantly, feel accomplished! 

Basically, let’s talk about how to level up like a boss and be the best version of you possible!

I offer three programs for executives:

  • Leadership coaching - learning how to be a leader people want to follow
  • Skills coaching - cultivating your natural talents and discovering how to focus on what you do best
  • Creativity coaching - learning how to be a solution based problem solver

Are you a leader that struggles with difficult conversations? If so, click here to download my FREE guide on how to handle those conversations like a pro.


My Story

Hey, Boss Lady/Boss Man, I'm Ren. 

 Ren Burgett | Certified Business Coach 

Ren Burgett | Certified Business Coach 

Once upon a time (about 15 years ago), in a corporate land far away, I started my career in a profession I loved. I worked hard, crushed my goals, got promoted, won an award, got promoted again, won another award, got another promotion, then won another award, and guess what? Yup, you guessed it, got promoted again. 

(That's 4 promotions and 3 national awards in case you weren't counting.)

So yes, I'm just giving you the highlight reel of a long and successful career. The reason? To let you know that I know how to make you a great leader, achieve the success you crave, and create a legacy for your career.

I help goal driven professionals become leaders people want to follow, snag the corner office and make all those corporate dreams come true. So, if you're ready to up-level your career and start making your life happen, let's chat.

Want to know what I can do for you and your career?

(Hint: it's a LOT!)

I also consult on:

  • How to be an effective presenter (and not bore more yawns!)
  • How to handle when people move your cheese (aka dealing with all those crazy changes.)
  • How to get along with people....yes, even that super annoying co-worker;)
  • How to navigate office politics and play the corporate game like a pro. 
  • How to have difficult know the ones that make you want to hide under your desk?
  • How to build & develop a team of people that respect, admire and work hard for you. We both know you want those raving fans!

AND (as if that weren't enough) I also work with Human Resource professionals to develop corporate programs and create an effective workplace full of leaders, motivators, goal makers, and happy people in general. 

If you're an HR Professional and want to create a culture where people perform at peak levels and thrive in all levels of leadership, I can develop programs specific to your company's vision and goals. 

Let's connect and discuss what I can do for your team. 

(BTW, if your Glassdoor score is less than a 3, we really need to chat!)

Have some questions? Send me a note. 

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