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Coaching Courses

If you're looking for a new career, you came to the right place! 

It's time to reinvent your career! My coaching courses for job seekers will help you in creating a strategy to rethink your image, redefine your approach, and reinvent your career. Whether you're just getting started with your search, have been hitting a dead end and dealing with rejection, or you are re-entering the workforce, my courses will help you create an action plan to bring job offers into your life. 

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How do you want your job search journey to end?

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The journey to a new career starts here!

3R Coach Career Reinvention Course

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Ready to get started on reinventing your career?


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Here's what's included in your career reinvention course:

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Create A Dynamic Resume


You will learn:

The do's & don'ts of resume writing

Four types of resumes you can use

How to create a summary that passes the 6-Second test

Emphasizing your career accomplishments with power verbs

How to highlight your  top skills 

Navigating the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Resources for resume downloades, job searching & making your resume stand out 

Creating a cover letter 

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Polish Your Pitch

You will learn:

What an Elevator Pitch is and why you need

How to be poised and to the point in 60 seconds

Why it is important to your Interviewing & Networking strategy

How to never stumble through the "Tell me about yourself" question

The four steps to craft a great pitch

When to utilize the full pitch & the petite pitch

Attachments include: module notes & elevator pitch worksheet.

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Leveraging LinkedIn

You will learn:

How to use SlideShare to make your profile stand out

How to brand yourself on LinkedIn

How to use LinkedIn to find jobs and companies that align with your best skills

How to explore LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Tips & Tricks

Attachments include: module notes, LinkedIn job search checklist, personal marketing plan, common job function to help with your job search. 



You will learn:

Why you network & how to start

How to find companies you want to work for

How to identify contacts and make connections

How to draft networking emails

Networking resources for both introverts & extroverts

Attachments include: module notes, tip sheet for LinkedIn networking, tracking sheet for networking

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Ace Your Interview

You will learn:

What recruiters look for when hiring

Common interview mistakes

How to address common interview questions

How to handle behavioral questions

Powerful questions to ask during your interview

Attachments include: module notes, interview buzz words & skills to convey, thank you email templates

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Get started now on reinventing your career!


Purchase the career reinvention course for $279


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