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3R Coach was founded on a determined mind and a big idea.

To help people rethink their purpose, redefine what makes them happy and reinvent their life.

 What you just read is my official mission statement. I came up with the name and mission in the middle of a month long program to get my coaching certification.

 I landed on 3R Coach because I wanted to be original (not use my name as a business like every other coach) and to have a name that summarized what I believed was possible not just for me, but for everyone.

 And I also wanted it to describe me. I rethought, redefined, and reinvented my life. So it only made sense to name my business based on my real life journey.

Every business starts with a problem. Mine was that I believe getting paid to do what you love shouldn’t be so hard.

I was working as an executive for the largest cosmetic company in the world when-after 10 years and 4 promotions-I decided my career no longer aligned with my purpose. So, long story short, I went from making 6-figures to walking dogs to becoming a life coach. Crazy right? It was and it still is.

 Mumford...I know, right?

Mumford...I know, right?

I said peace out to the corporate life and started focusing on what would make me happy every day. I found that happiness in a dog. One that I adopted and then created a business around. Yeah, I wanted to be a stay at home dog mom. So, I decided to trade in corporate bull sh*t for dog sh*t and I started a dog walking business. I was amazed at how spending time at a dog park was way more fun than sitting through a boring meeting and wondering what the heck took me so long to create the kind of life I wanted. Oh wait, I'm supposed to make money and not do what I love. That's how it's supposed to be when you grow up, right?

Eventually, I decided to hang up my dog leashes and start a new business. One that focused on helping people find their happy without having to walk away from a 6-figure job like me.

I started my business because I believe there’s an alternative.

You can create a career based around what brings you joy. And you should.

By teaching people how to rethink what's possible, they’re able to create life by their own terms. By redefining what makes them happy, they can take several steps in the right direction, they get to create a life they love. They get to reinvent.

By making choices that reflect what’s hoped for and not what’s feared, we can keep remembering that the lives and legacies we create are what matter.

So Here’s All The Deets….

I have a non-stop creative brain and I start way more ideas than I finish. I’m working on discipline. I’m not very good at it. I find short term motivation is way more fun than long term discipline.

But what I’ve realized along the way is that I was never comfortable settling for a life that didn't light me up. I never wanted to conform to an ideal. And I’m not a good rules follower and typically do the opposite of what I’m told. I never wanted to be someone that woke up every day with a sense of dread. I've always had big dreams and living a mediocre life and conforming to what I’m “supposed to do” has never been part of my plan.

But as you grow up, life makes you choose. Do you want to be comfortable and conform or do you want to go out on a limb and see what's possible? I chose the limb. And the limb is scary, but it's worth it.

Creating the kind of life I thought was possible turned into me creating a business that helps others discover what's possible. It's the cycle of life. When you learn, you teach. And this is a pretty good thing to teach.

I left a big paying job to find my purpose. I took several twists and turns along the way, but it led to me to where I'm meant to be. And it led me to sharing my story with you.

 You can follow Mumford on Instagram  @Music_City_Mumford

You can follow Mumford on Instagram @Music_City_Mumford

 Nowadays, I get to hang out with my 88 lb rescue pup (that was never supposed to be bigger than 50 lbs...so they said) and help other people realize their dream and what they need to do to achieve it.

I believe we all have the potential to do great things. It just takes you creating a life built around faith and not leaving it up to fate.  

The work I do is inspired because I believe we can be, do, and have whatever it is we want once we decide we're worth the trouble.

That philosophy meanders through my days, whether I’m coaching a job seeker, supporting an entrepreneur, or just helping someone understand they actually have a purpose.

Believing in what’s possible is life changing.

 Happy you're here. Let’s believe together.

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I help people create a career they love. From the college grad, to the person having a mid career crisis, to the brave ones ready to take an entrepreneurial leap.

When you're ready to change your life, I'm here.

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