How to avoid “looking old” on your resume

Although wisdom and experience come with age, many of my clients feel like they look “too old” on their resume and are concerned about age discrimination. Since resumes have dramatically changed over the past several years, how your resume is formatted plays a huge role in how the reader perceives you.

And if you’re still presenting your resume in an old style, it’s very likely your resume will get put at the bottom of the pile or ignored. Today I want to share two tips for formatting your resume to keep the age critics at bay.

Tip #1: Refrain from listing graduation years

Despite what you might think, it’s not necessary to list the years you attended or graduated college. The only information necessary on your resume is the name of the college you attended and the degree you obtained. Once you’re hired, the company will do a background check and need the dates you attended college, but this information isn’t necessary during the interview process.

Tip #2: Summarize positions older than 10 years

Job positions older than 10 years can be summarized on your resume and don’t require a description. Create a section labeled “Positions Prior to 2008” and list the job title and name of the company who employed you. Once you’re interviewed, you can certainly address earlier positions in your career as necessary though.

Your resume is a marketing document highlighting your skills and talents to a potential employer, so be mindful of how you’re marketing yourself on your resume. Keep your resume concise and make sure the jobs listed are relevant.

Another thing to consider is your LinkedIn profile. It should compliment your resume, so if you’re not listing a position on your resume, don’t list it on your LinkedIn profile. You want to be consistent with your personal branding and the information you share.

Knowing how to present information and what to include on your resume isn’t easy. So before you sit down to craft your resume, sign up for my free “3 days to your perfect resume” course. You’ll learn everything you need to know to create a standout resume that makes a great first impression on the reader.

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Ren Burgett