What Confident Candidates Do Differently

As exciting as it is to think about starting a new position, looking for a job also stirs up a lot of fear and self-doubt. Unfortunately, rejection is a normal part of the job search process and even the most qualified candidates get told “Thanks, but we’re going in a different direction.”

However, I know that doesn’t make the sting of rejection any less painful. The key is to learn how to stay confident despite feeling like all you’re getting is a bunch of “No, thank you's.”

But what makes one candidate more confident than another?

In today’s post, I’m going to dive into five things confident candidates do differently.

1. They reach out to key decision makers.

A confident job seeker knows it’s all about creating an opportunity for themselves. When they see a position they want or find a company they want to work for, they take action. They do research, find out who their potential boss may be and then reach out to them. They understand it’s about getting in front of the right people and making sure people know who they are.

These individuals know how to network effectively. They take the initiative to look for mentors in the industry they’re pursuing and make it a point to connect with and learn from other people who have their dream jobs.

2. They trust their gut.

You aren’t going to be the right fit for every company you interview with and I know it’s scary to say no to a company, but a confident job seeker trusts their gut. They know they want to work for other confident people who empower them, give them a place to grow, share ideas, be leaders and make an impact. When they don’t feel like a fit with the company, they aren’t afraid to keep looking. They don’t compromise who they for a job.


3. They don’t apologize for their history.

They understand life isn’t perfect and neither are they. They embrace their shortcomings and the choices they’ve made. They know life requires you to pivot when things don’t go as planned. So whether it's their education or career history, confident candidates take responsibility for the decisions they’ve made and don’t let it stop them from creating the future they want.

4. They market themselves for the job they want, not the job they have.

Confident candidates are clear about what they’re pursuing and know it’s all about personal branding. They make sure their LinkedIn profile, resume, and elevator pitch reflects their personal brand in a clear and concise manner. They don’t settle for anything less than what’s meant for them.

5. They focus on personal growth.

Instead of focusing on what didn’t go right, confident candidates use every experience as a learning opportunity. They ask, “How I can I do this differently next time?” not “Why did I fail?” They’re willing to learn new skills and choose to focus on improving instead of letting self-doubt consume their thoughts.

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. We all experience setbacks and face disappointment throughout our careers, but what makes confident candidates stand out is how they respond to those situations. Instead of blaming others or feeling sorry for themselves, they choose to focus on what they can learn from it and how they can grow.

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