3 Resources to Make Online Networking More Manageable

Even though networking has shifted from mainly in-person events to taking place digitally, the importance of networking hasn’t changed.

Who you know is still one of the most important factors in finding a job today.

When it comes to networking digitally, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms you can use. It’s the largest, most connected space for professionals and job seekers. But it’s not the only online networking resource.

Today I want to share 3 free sites to help make online networking easier, less scary and more manageable.

1. JibberJobber

When you’re searching for a new job, paperwork is a huge part of the process and keeping up with it can be a challenge. Who did you meet with at what company? Did you complete all the paperwork? What are your next steps?

With the help of JibberJobber, you can keep track of all that information in one place. It allows you to manage your paperwork, companies and the people you meet. This platform helps keeps you organized and on track throughout the job search process.

2. City Hour

If you work in the city or just go in every once in a while, chances are you’ll have some free time. So instead of browsing your phone while you’re waiting for your meeting, why not do a little networking?

The City Hour app allows you to connect with anyone within a 50-mile radius who is looking for a meeting within the next 2 hours. You can easily find people based on their industry, goals or location to meet with. And it’s a great way to connect with others when you’re traveling for business because it never hurts to know people in different cities!

3. Mango

Whether you’re thinking about emailing someone you don’t know personally on LinkedIn or reaching out to someone you want to connect with in the industry, sending that initial email can be scary. What do you say? What information should you include? How long should it be?

Mango is a free networking conversation email builder. It walks you through how to write the email, tells you what to include and prevents you from wasting time worrying about what to say. It’s the tool you need to make “cold emailing” professionals less scary.

So as you continue to expand your network online, I hope these 3 resources help you stay organized, make the most of your networking time and feel more confident about connecting with other professionals.

Here's to happy networking,



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