Your Elevator Pitch...What's Missing.

It takes an interviewer less than 15 minutes to decide if they like you.

One of the most frequently asked questions they use to get to know you is “tell me about yourself.”

It’s an easy question to answer outside of an interview, but during an interview, it’s easy to get tongue-tied and just repeat what’s on your resume.

But repeating your resume is just a waste of time. Why?...because the interviewer has already read it.

What they really want to hear is a compelling elevator pitch.

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A 60-second concise statement that tells a potential employer who you are, what you’ve accomplished and the goal you want to achieve.

Your elevator pitch should tie the skills and facts on your resume with your values and interests. It showcases your accomplishments, removes doubt, emphasizes your skills, and sells the interviewer on why you’re the best fit for the job.

It’s your story.

And it’s what sets you apart from the other candidates.

It’s how you remind the interviewer that you’re more than just the words on a page.

The elevator pitch is where you tell the interviewer what isn’t on your resume, where you share your “why”.

You use it to create a deeper connection with your interviewer because stories make information meaningful and easier to relate to. Your story brings your resume to life and makes you stand out.

You aren’t bland or boring, so don’t let your elevator pitch give that impression. When you leave your story out of your elevator pitch, you’re selling yourself short and you aren’t giving yourself the credit you deserve.

Use your elevator pitch to get personal and make sure the interviewer truly understands your message.

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