The How Is Not Your Problem

Whether it’s changing your career path, finding a new job or designing a new product, it can be difficult to start. There are so many things to figure out, like how will you make money? How do you know what to do first? How should you market yourself? How will people find you?

As you begin putting together an action plan, not every step is crystal clear at the beginning. So you start worrying about how hard it will be, how you’ll never make it or how it can never happen for you. You become paralyzed with fear and are unable to move forward. While it may feel like you’re the only person that feels this way, the truth is that this isn’t a unique situation you find yourself in.

Unfortunately, the “how” is where most people get lost and stuck, but the “how” isn’t your problem. The “why” and “what” is most important and where you need to shift your focus.

Think about when you've made a decision before like you want to get in shape. You determine that you’re getting in shape to be healthier. So every day you do things like eat a little healthier or start going to the gym instead of watching television. You don’t think about how each of those choices changes your body individually, but you know that together those decisions will begin to move you towards the end goal of getting in shape. You think about why you want to get in shape and what you have to do. 

Figuring out what services will bring value to your clients and why they need to work with you is the key to unlocking your business success. Taking the time to think through what you want to do and why you want to do it will bring focus and clarity. This knowledge will give you an idea of how to move forward and allow you to begin taking action. Soon, you’ll find the “how” will start working itself out.

Rest assured, not knowing exactly how you’ll get to the ultimate goal is okay. In fact, it’s normal. Just remain focused on the “what” and “why” and little by little, day by day, you’ll be making progress towards your goal.

The important thing to remember is not to get lost in the “how”. Don’t let it be the excuse for not continuing forward in your life. You can do things each day to take action on achieving your goal and you WILL make it happen one day!

Make the decision today to get unstuck, to stop thinking about “how”. Make today the day you start thinking about “what” and “why”.

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