If Your Resume Still Has An Objective Statement, You Should Read This....

Why You Need to Stop Using an Objective Statement on Your Resume Immediately

The number one thing that companies used to look for in candidates were job skills. So when you created your resume, you had an objective statement. It was the first thing an HR professional read and it was where you stated what job you were applying for and which of your skills matched the job description.

But as the job world evolved, it became clear to companies that being successful in a position required more than just a certain set of job skills. It required a candidate who added value. To quickly convey your value, it's time to ditch that objective statement and replace it with a compelling profile statement. 

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The purpose of the profile statement is to share your story and show how valuable are you. A compelling profile statement should include your most impressive career achievements and how the skills you have helped you achieve those results.  

An HR professional spends an average of 6 seconds reading your resume, so it’s possible that the only thing they’ll read is your profile statement. You want them to read this statement and not be able to put down your resume. 

Being successful in a position is about so much more than job skills. It’s about your ability to be an inspiring presenter, have a natural curiosity or strong decision-making skills. Those are things that can’t be taught but can make all the difference in determining whether or not you’ll be successful in a position. Use the profile statement to show that you’re the whole package! 

It’s time to stop highlighting your skills and start highlighting your value. It’s time to turn your objective statement into your value statement!

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