The Power of Words on Your Resume

The Power of Words on Your Resume

Finding a new job isn’t easy because it can be very frustrating and time-consuming. For most people, the process involves spending hours filling out applications, writing and rewriting your resume, researching the company and preparing for the interview. Unfortunately, the process also means that there will be rejection letters without any feedback on how to improve.

So if you’re doing all the correct preparations and not seeing results, what do you do?

The answer is to consider your words.

Whether they’re written or spoken, words are a powerful tool. They affect how we perceive reality, convey emotion and inspire people to take action. So the reality is that you might be doing all the right things, but you just aren’t using the right words.

For example, if I’m describing my involvement in a project on my resume I could say:

Reviewed business data and made a report.

Or I could say:

conducted data analysis for mergers & acquisitions, developed new P&L reports for each department and presented findings to senior leadership. 

Which one stands out?

The first statement is generic and doesn’t give any kind of detail. It leaves a lot to the reader’s imagination, which may mean they think you did less work.

The second statement gives the reader a very clear picture of what your role was and what outcomes you achieved. It shows that you understand data analysis and are familiar with the mergers and acquisitions process.

Which person’s resume would you pick?

6 Seconds.....That's all it takes for an HR professional to scan your resume and decide if they want to move forward..jpg

When writing your resume, it’s so important to consider the words you’re using. You want to give the reader a clear picture of what you actually did, show off the skills you have and explain the results that you were able to achieve. Allow the words you use to move your resume from being bland and boring to something that is compelling and makes the reader want to know more.

It’s so easy to undersell your skills because it’s something you do it every day and think it’s common knowledge for people, but chances are it’s not. So don’t be afraid to give yourself the credit you deserve for the skills you have! Make sure the words you’re using on your resume really show off who you are and what you can do.

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